Innovative Handheld
M-POS with payment

The powerful pocked-sized all-in-one Epos, Payments and Ordering system for hospitality. Functions like a top level epos, but with built in card payments on the go.

Integrated with

Payment Method

Connect Food
Ordering Platform

Create Tabs &
Split The Bill

Accept Mobile

Take Payments &
Print Receipts

Table Order & Table

View Live
Analytics & Reports

Waitermate for Managers

WaiterMate has great looking and user-friendly interface. Back office component is easy to navigate and robust. It is a perfect gadget for managers to have complete management over the venue. With WaiterMate, the table turnover is faster than before.

  • Analytics and reports for better management

  • Upgrade service quality

  • Higher customer retention power

  • Better staff management

Waitermate for Waiters

WaiterMate is the teammate of every waiter or waitress. WaiterMate enhances the capability of all the staff. WaiterMate allows the waiter or waitress to serve faster and better, building up good relationship with customers is the key to get more tips.

  • Orders placed with high accuracy and efficiency

  • Serve faster and earn more tips

  • Gain trust from customers and colleagues

  • Build better teamwork with other waiters

About WaiterMate

A Passionate Company to Design the Best M-POS for the Hospitality Sector

WaiterMate is the revolutionary gadget that combines the best features of M-POS, card machines and online ordering platforms. It aims to provide the best teammate of waiter or waitress to facilitate their daily work capability and at the same time increase the business revenue of the venue.

We have our own engineering team for product development. Our CEO has over 30 years of experience in the food and beverage industry, he understands comprehensively the expectations and needs of people of different positions in the restaurant, café and pubs. This comes up to the design of the optimum M-POS for the venue.

WaiterMate offers the best M-POS for your available budget. It allows ease-of-business from anywhere and enriches better end-customer experience. WaiterMate, your best mate at work.

Reseller Program

Become a reseller of WaiterMate

Interested in becoming a reseller of WaiterMate? We are looking for reseller to grow the business with us.